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5 things you should follow to get good grades in thesis writing?

Thesis Writing is a type of academic writing where students choose a topic and write content about it. A lot of research work and study is required for thesis writing.

There are multiple factors that make a final thesis achieve good grades. Here we will discuss all those factors that students must know before writing a thesis.

4 factors of thesis writing

  1. Topic
  2. Research
  3. Command on topic and language 
  4. Formatting and citation

First of all the topic should be chosen wisely to write a thesis on it. As theses are always written in detail the number of words ate mostly from 5,000 to 10,000 words.

Therefore the topic should be suitable according to the word requirement. As if the topic is small and there are no such details to discuss that can be of 10000 words it would look dragged and stretched. Therefore topic should be used where there is a margin of research and work. Often student finds academic writing time consuming and prefer to avail thesis writing services.

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Research work for writing thesis

The research work on thesis writing is the most time-consuming part. Proper research on the topic studying existing work and writing it in your own words is a second step.

During the research work the sources of research should be noted to use as citations at the end.

Thesis research work is a critical component of advanced academic degrees as it demonstrates the researcher’s ability to contribute to their field, engage in independent inquiry, and apply research methodologies to address complex issues or questions.

It also serves as a foundation for future research and academic contributions. Studying research papers, journals, and articles and picking up the stuff a student wants to add to the thesis is a part of research work.

Once student has chosen the topics or parts want to discuss in the thesis refining process start. Make an outline of the thesis add shortlisted topics in it and the next step is writing.

Command on topic and language

Once the proper research is done the student will have command of the topic. Studying research articles and journals will give students a wise approach to writing about them.

Language plays a huge role here as when a student has a grip on the language the sentence structure, grammar mistakes would be lesser.

A combination of expertise in your chosen topic and adeptness in the language empowers you to produce a thesis that is insightful, coherent, and impactful.

It enables you to contribute meaningfully to your field of study and effectively communicate your findings to a wider audience.

Therefore students must have a command of the language in which the thesis is going to be written. The content should be error-free with proper sentence structure no grammar mistakes, or punctuation mistakes.

Formatting and citations

Once the research work is done and students have written the thesis according the requirements and needs of the academic assignment.

The final step is formatting and adding citations or references in it. No matter how well-written the thesis is if the formatting isn’t done properly it would ruin it as a final product. Things must keep in mind during formating

  • Title page
  • Abstract 
  • Table of content
  • Images and graphs
  • Page margins
  • Citations
  • Reference
  • Appendix

A final document should be properly formatted to achieve good grades. Font size, headings, font style, and age margins are all details are always mentioned in the initial requirements. Always follow the requirement document to avoid any type of inconvenience later.


Citations and references

The research work that was done initially those research sources such as research papers, journals, websites, articles, and blogs will be mentioned.

Always mention which part is taken from which source in citation format? There are different types of citations method such as APA, MLA, IEEE, CSE, and many more.  it is always recommended always follow requirements.


If you want to achieve good grades in your thesis project always keep these four factors in mind. Always remember that all these 4 factors are depending on each other. Even if you miss one the final thesis may not look like a good grades deserving thesis. 

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